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Bell AH-1 Cobra

I happened to get to see this close up one day while I was flying down at the airport. It was much more impressive up close, but is still incredible to see in the photos.

Type 2 seat attack helicopter
Powerplant Two General Electric T700-GE-401 Turboshafts, each rated at 1,723 shp
Maximum Speed 219 m.p.h
Hover Ceiling 14,750 ft.
Range 365 mi.
Weights Empty 10,215 lb. ; loaded 14,750 lb.
Weapons One M197 20 mm cannon in undernose turret and four underwing hard points for guided antiarmor, air-to-air missiles, Minigun pods, or unguided high explosive rockets.
Rotor Diameter 48 ft.
Fuselage Length 45 ft. 6 in.
Height 13 ft. 6 in.
Rotor disc area 1,809 sq. ft.

Other Interesting Facts

The Ah-1 first flew on September 7, 1965; new Cobras are still being produced
Building a Cobra takes 38,500 hours of factory worker time
In Operation Desert Storm, four Marine squadrons flew 1000 sorties, including one that destroyed 60 tanks
The Cobra's stub wing not only serves as missile pylons, but also produces valuable lift.
When it is out of missiles, the Cobra can be rearmed in minutes by a good ground team.

Looking At The Business End...

Impressed?? I have to say I am!
The earlier Cobras were fitted with MiniGuns, a 6 barreled machine gun, which fires at the astounding rate of 100 rounds per second.
Presently, they are armed with the M197 20 mm cannon.
Though slower, the larger round is proven to be invaluable against light vehicles and ground troops.