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The World's Largest Single Engine Biplane
Russian Built
Antonov AN-2 "Colt"

AN-2 Colt

Type 2 crew utility transport
Engine 1 (one) 1,000 HP Shevetsov Ash-621R
Max Speed 160 mph
Initial Climb Rate 689 FPM (feet per minute)
Range 559 Mi.
Weights Empty-7,606 lbs. Max. Takeoff- 12,125 lbs.
Wing Span 59' 7.75"
Length 41' 9.5"
Area 770.72 sq. ft.
Payload 12 passengers or 2,866 lbs.

And in no particular order....

Looking head on from a slight distance

And from a slightly closer distance. (Hey! it was hard to keep in the viewfinder!)

Here we are in the cabin

And in the cockpit

Here's the tail..a picture in itself.

Here it is on takeoff. It got up in a surprisingly short distance, but with all that wing area, it doesn't need all that much room.

Here the Colt is as it got to where I was standing...pretty impressive for one engine!