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Direct Connection S-3 Doddger

This is a rather large pic, but i felt it worthy to be here. The plane is rather small, and the wing thin. Should be rather fast. As i ve mentioned in my reviews page, the sketchy directions make it intimidating, but it built beautifully and rather fast once i got off my lazy rear and started actually working on it. I m covering it this week, and should be done in a day or so. I am doing it in white MonoKote with Metallic Plum trim with some black trim here and there, and i think i might do a half inch checkerboard on the bottom of the wing (just a 2 inch band running the chord of the wing on both sides). I ll have some more pics under my hangar section shortly.

This is a somewhat assembled view of the plane. i hinged it shortly after the pic was taken, and actually glued the tail on. Weak as it may appear, i actually think the V-tail is probably stronger than the midtail version (not to mention it looks cooler)
(Isn't my bench a shrine to organization?)

Here is is assembled and ready to be covered.

Same thing, side view...

Here is the heart of the beast. A K&B Quickie .40 (6.5 for my European readers). It is wearing K&B's factory designed pipe, but i might go for a Macs sometime down the road.

This is the nicest part of this particualr plane. For the computer familiar, yes, that is 72 point Brush Script. I printed it out and painstakingly cut out both sides worth for 2 hours. It is ironed on, and sort of is a self explanation for that plane. To see what the entire plane looks like covered, go here