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Here is My Hangar...
and a few other people's planes too...

(Unless otherwise noted, the planes are mine....)

Extra 300S .40

Kit GreatPlanes Mfg. Extra 300S in the .40 Size
Covering TopFlite Monokote & LustreKote
Engine/Accessories SuperTigre G-51 w/ a Slimline "Pitts" muffler
Radio Futaba "Conquest" 4 Channel, Futaba S3003 Standard Servos
Prop APC 11x6 @ ~13,000 RPM
Fuel Morgan "Cool Power" 15% Nitro

To see more pics of my Extra, go here

Starfire .40

Kit Hobbico Starfire AWARF
Engine O.S. .46 SF
Radio Futaba Conquest 4 Channel Futaba S148 Servos
Prop Master Airscrew 11x7 Scimitar @ 12,000 RPM
Fuel Morgan Fuels "Cool Power" 15% Nitro

Yes, I know this isn't the way a Starfire normally looks. The fact is, this is the plane i learned on, and it was also the plane that my uncle learned aerobatics on, so it has been through a few minor mishaps. If you look at my "Rebuilding" section, many of the techniques I list are learned from this....


Kit GreatPlanes Dazzler
Engine Enya .40 SSBB
Radio Futaba 6XA & Futaba S3003 Servos
Prop Zinger 10x6
Fuel Morgan Fuels "Cool Power" 10% Nitro

To see more pics of my Dazzler, go here

Very nice plane. It just flew for the first time a week or so ago (6-1). Set up with low rates, it is very agile, even more so on high rates. It is set up with elevons, airbrakes, and a multitude of other features the 6XA offers. The Enya is an unbelievably hot motor, and i am very impressed

S-3 Doddger

Kit Direct Connection / Capstone S-3 Doddger
Covering TopFlite Monokote
Engine/Accessories K&B .40 (6.5) Quickie with K&B Tuned Pipe
Radio Futaba 6XA Computer, Futaba S3003 Standard Servos
Prop APC 9x5 (Breaking it in) @ ~11,500 RPM
Fuel Morgan "Omega" 15% Nitro

Right now I am in the process of breaking it in. It is incredibly loud with the pipe, and is turning 11,500 RPM without any effort at all. I've only run 1 tank through it so far, hope to get more through shortly. Maybe with an 8x9 APC it may hit around 16+, but i d settle for a 9x7 going 14 grand. The process of setting it up was not at all difficult, although radio space was limited. I'll keep it updated.

To see more pics of my Doddger, go here

Tim Becker's 4 Star .60

Kit Sig 4 Star .60
Engine O.S. .61 FX
Radio Futaba 6XA
Prop APC 12x7
Covering TopFlite MonoKote- Metallic Blue, Chrome, Transparent Red
Notes Tim's first kit, he says that she was an easy build and only required 3 clicks of down trim and was steady as a rock. Tim also states that with the 6XA's flaperon option, it makes for some real slow, smooth landings.

Tim Becker's Sweepee

Kit N/A (Scratch Built)
Engine Thunder Tiger .46
Radio Futaba 6XA
Prop Master Airscrew 10x7
Notes This is called the "Sweepee" and my first scratch build, or built from plans depending on which side of the fence you sit on with that issue. The plane and plans were reviewed in the August '89 Model Aviation magazine.
The wing span is 62" and fuse is 48".
The first flight was not the best. After take-off and on a down wind leg a bad soldering job on the elevator control horn came loose and down it went. As bad as the crash sounded, when we got to the plane it didn't look too bad. This picture is from the weekend following the crash all fixed up. Flight performance is great. No trim required!! It hovers nice and slow at about a 45 degree angle and looks very unusual in the air. A fun plane

Check out the Guam Aeromodeler's page (of which Tim is a member) at
Tim also says to feel free to mail him at

Mark Wheeler's Big Stik .40

Kit GreatPlanes BigStik .40
Engine Fox .40
Radio Futaba 4 Channel
Prop Master Airscrew 10x6
NotesMark says the model was built in '92 and continues to be a great flyer.

Nice plane Mark, thanks for the compliments, and keep on flying!