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The Page of Assorted R/C Items....

This page is a basis for help, reviews, and other such matters that pertain to the hobby of R/C Flying.
I will be updating on the rigorous "when i feel like it schedule", so keep an eye out for updates.

Would you like for the world to be able to see your prized craft? I would like to make it happen. If you would like me to post your pictures on this page, please mail them, along with a little technical information to me!!

Here's what we've got so far....

Links This is a section that links to various R/C manufacturers pages. If there is a dead or broken link, please notify me!

My Hangar A page of My planes, their specs, and a few other people's planes as well

Crash Pics A page that I hope to never have to start. However, if the need arises, and I happen to have a camera, I'll share with you. ***Not Yet Up***

Tips/Hints Here are some helpful hints that I've picked up over the years

Other pics (the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly....) Other cool pics that I have happened to get pertaining to the sport. I also have a nice pic of a Bell AH-1 Cobra that was down at the airport one day.
****New Pics added, 2/24...a must see...****

Basic Flight Tutorial A profile of a basic flight.
Aerobatics This is a collection of detailed instructions for some of the more common aerobatic maneuvers

Need Help Rebuilding? Techniques that I have (unfortunately) learned to aid in rebuilding and repairing your prized airships
Reviews My personal opinions on a number of major R/C manufacturers

Getting Started A good idea of what you'll have to get to get started in the sport

Maiden Flight Preparations Things to do to prepare for a successful maiden flight

What to Expect What will happen??

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Much of the aerobatic section, the maiden flight article, and the solo expectation article was written by
Russell Knetzger of Milwaukee, WI