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Here are some links that are useful or just plain interesting

Various Manufacturers of Kits, Engines, and Accessories
APC Propellers-Very good props. Balsa USA-Plane kits and high grade balsa
Dave Brown Products-If it's an accessory, they make it! Century Jet Models-Landing gear and jet engines
Coverite-A popular maker of film covering Dremel-If you're a builder, this is a must have!
DubroMaker of handy tools and quality accessories. DuraPlane -The "DuraBrick". A very indestructible craft that lives up to its good reputation
Dynaflite-Makers of quality crafts, both sailplanes and powered models Falcon Hobbies-Makers of "Bolly" props and other accessories.
Fox Manufacturing-Good engines, plugs, and other accessories Futaba-Site offering info on Futaba, the world's leading manufacturer of radio equipment
Carl Goldberg Models-Very good plane kits! Check out the wide array of their aerobats! Great Planes Model Manufacturing-Maufacturer of very good, very popular kits and accessories
Hitec/RCD-Another maker of quality radio gear and accessories. Hobbico -Very good kits. Check out the AWARF series.
House of Balsa -Makes very good plane kits. Also distributes "Zap" brand CAs K&B Manufacturing-Makers of very good engines, plugs, paints and accessories
Kyosho -Planes, trains and automobiles. oh, yeah...they have planes too! Lanier R/C -Very good planes. Kits or ARFs, they make them. Check out the Shrike!
Macs Products -Makers of exhaust sytems, both mufflers and tuned pipes. Page has info on tuning, parts, and prices Midwest Products - Makers of nice models and a wide variety of modeling woods
Morgan Fuels-Very good fuel. I have used both Omega and Cool Power with very good luck MRC/Altech/Hirobo -Cars planes, and helicopters
Mud Duck- Makers of unusual (ugly?) large scale models. MVVS Corporation of America- Very good engines made in the Czech Republic
Ohio R/C- Makers of giant scale models, all wood air frames, and other nice accessories. O.S. Engines- Great engines. The majority of our club relies on nothing but O.S power. Very nice page, a must see
Bob Parkinson Models R/C JetsManufacturer of ducted fan jets and support equipment. RealFlight R/C Simulator- A nice site dedicated to GreatPlanes RealFlight simulator
Robart- Makers of nice retracts and other quality accessories Sig Manufacturing- Nice planes, Nice accessories
Sport Flyers of America- Also known as the SFA, an insurance company exclusively for modelers. A must have for anyone that intends to fly!!!!! SuperTigre-Super high quality engines made in Italy. Rather expensive and occasionally rare, but well worth it!
Thunder Tiger- Makers of Thunder Tiger engines and kits. Top Flite- Very high quality kits of all sorts, and other accessories. Also the makers of MonoKote Covering
U.S. AirCore- Manufacturer of prebuilt, predecorated, very strong kits. U.S. EnginesLarge bore gas engines for large scale aircraft
Bob Violett ModelsMakers of kits and accessories for R/C jet jocks Wildcat FuelsHigh quality glow fuels
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Tower Hobbies- Tower Hobbies, perhaps the world largest supplier of R/C. If they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist!
OmniModels- Very good supply of many things. Prices are very reasonable!

Other Pages...
R/C Flying- An interesting page with a lot of neat things...
R/C Models-If it involves R/C, it can probably be found here. The page is still developing, but the layout is very nice. Worth a look!
Guam Aeromodelers-A club page from Guam. Good page that updates frequently. A lot of pics of a lot of different aircraft. See Tim Becker's (a member) planes in my hangar page