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**********Newly Updated 6/29**********

I've just put up a new page which is lots nicer, but highly graphical. Probably best for high end users and fast connections. If you'd like to check it out, go here

The Page of Assorted R/C Items....

This page is a basis for help, reviews, and other such matters that pertain to the hobby of R/C Flying.
I will be updating on the rigorous "when i feel like it schedule", so keep an eye out for updates.

Would you like for the world to be able to see your prized craft? I would like to make it happen. If you would like me to post your pictures on this page, please mail them, along with a little technical information to me!!

Here's what we've got so far....

Links This is a section that links to various R/C manufacturers pages. If there is a dead or broken link, please notify me!

My Hangar A page of My planes, their specs, and a few other people's planes as well

Crash Pics A page that I hope to never have to start. However, if the need arises, and I happen to have a camera, I'll share with you. ***Not Yet Up***

Tips/Hints Here are some helpful hints that I've picked up over the years

Other pics (the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...) Other cool pics that I have happened to get pertaining to the sport. I also have a nice pic of a Bell AH-1 Cobra that was down at the airport one day.
**** New pics added, 2/24..a must see...****

Basic Flight Tutorial A profile of a basic flight.

Aerobatics This is a collection of detailed instructions for some of the more common aerobatic maneuvers

Need Help Rebuilding? Techniques that I have (unfortunately) learned to aid in rebuilding and repairing your prized airships
Reviews My personal opinions on a number of major R/C manufacturers

Getting Started A good idea of what you'll have to get to get started in the sport

Maiden Flight Preparations Things to do to prepare for a successful maiden flight

What to Expect What will happen??

There have been hits since 1/19/99

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Much of the aerobatic section, the maiden flight article, and the solo expectation article was written by
Russell Knetzger of Milwaukee, WI