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Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Building

These are some things I have picked up over the course of my experience, and I think most of them are of some value..
Some of them are basic stuff that is suggested by the various manufacturers, some of it is stuff you may have never thought of...

Getting Started....
Get a lot of T pins and some ordinary sewing pins. These work great for holding plans and wax paper down without getting in the way
Keep your CA tips clean. When they get clogged, you have to use a pin to clean it out. This scratches the "CA proof" coating away and ruins the tip
Keep all of your scrap wood. This makes good spare parts in the event you need to fix or repair something at a later date.
Organize your work bench. Trying to find a pen or a pin while you've got CA curing is no fun!
Get a small set of clamps and a couple of the "springy" office clamps you might use to keep papers together. Both work great!
If you have an old 4" speaker, set it magnet side up on your bench. This makes keeping track of your T pins much easier.
If you can find some "Blueboard" (the kind you use to insulate a house), this makes an excellent building surface.
A sandbag of some sort lends a helping hand while trying to keep a stubborn piece of sheeting down.
Get a Razor saw!!!!!!! X-acto makes three different varieties for less than $4 each. The saws are high in quality and worth their price ten times over!
Read and understand everything first!! Rushing through a seemingly easy step will get you in trouble every time!

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